Who we are?

Drive Systems is active in the field of gas technology for vehicles since 1994. Besides installer of LPG and CNG systems, Drive Systems is also the operator of the first LNG station in Belgium.

We have the drive to launch CNG and LNG as future-oriented and sustainable alternatives to diesel in Flanders. To make this possible, we use the mobile pipeline concept. Indeed, this concept can be a kick-start for both LNG and CNG, because of the mutual positive interaction between mother and daughter station.

We are convinced that on short and medium term, natural gas is the best possible technology to make the transport system more sustainable. Natural Gas has a positive effect on climate and air quality, and is also quieter than diesel power. This can also help silent distribution in urban areas. In the medium term, we can further reduce the impact of transport by climate-neutral bio-LNG and bio-CNG.