The LNG - CNG link

CNG Connect combines - first in Europe - the efficiency of L-CNG technology with the flexibility of the 'mobile pipeline. By thinking out-of-the-box, and using the best available technology, CNG Connect offers a new and truly innovative concept of CNG filling stations.

This concept opens up new opportunities for CNG fleets, where the traditional disadvantages of CNG completely omitted. After all, the entire process from the LNG terminal to the CNG dispenser were commemorated in terms of maximum efficiency and best user experience.

Advantages of the innovation

There is a positive correlation with the LNG 'mother station' which improves the operation by the increased throughput of this station and boil-off problems can be avoided. So it's a win-win situation for the entire chain.

In the future there is the ability to seamlessly switch over to renewable bio-CNG

The Efficiency Advantage

L-CNG technology uses about 10 times less energy per kg of CNG, becauses it pumps liquid instead of gas.

This gain in efficiency is huge, and allows to transport the gas to remote stations while maintaining the competitive advantage.

The Performance Advantages

When producing LNG from CNG, the output is much higher then producing from the distribution grid. The grid usually supply to a maximum of 5 bars inlet pressure. The compressor needs to work hard to pressurise the gas to 250 bars.

L-CNG pumps pressurise the liquid, and then vaporise the LNG into CNG. The flow can be as high as 2000Nm³/h.

The Quality Advantage

CNG originating from LNG has the best calorific value per kg.

This gives an immediate range extension for NGV's of almost 30% compared to low calorific CNG.

So less fuelings, longer trips

On top of that, there is no contamination with oil or other impurities.

The Flexibility Advantage

The concept of daughter stations allows to put a station nearly everywhere.
No need for a gas connection.
No need for a electrical cabin.
And the output of the daughter station can grow along with the fleet it serves. It will just take an increase of trialer trips between mother and daughter station.